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Make Yourself at Home in Canada!  Bienvenue au Canada! 

If you are planning to apply for Canadian Citizenship, begin by taking a preparation class and then apply. There is only a short time between applying and writing the test.

St. Louis’ Citizenship Preparation program covers three key components in 9 sessions:

  1. Citizenship test topics are covered, including Geography, History, Government, Voting, Rights & Responsibilities
  2. Covers all test content and provides strategies to succeed!
  3. Citizenship practices test opportunities. Students who took the class and wrote the test received a 90% pass rate!

Classes are offered at

NOTE: To be eligible to take the Canadian Citizenship test, you must have a CLB level 4 in listening and speaking. For the greatest success and best use of your time, it is strongly recommended that you have CLB 4 before taking the Citizenship preparation course.

Becoming a Canadian citizen has great benefits and responsibilities.  If you have lived here for a couple of years, you will know by now the importance Canada places on education, health, religious freedoms, our natural resources and most importantly respect for each other.  Like every country, these values have evolved from overcoming many challenges and growing pains.  Learn more about what it means to be a Canadian Citizen.

Learn more about how to become a Canadian Citizen.

Materials Fee: $10 per school year. You can take the class early and come back to review when you apply.

Register at any ESL Office from August 30, 2016 to June 30, 2017

Classes are nine, 3 hour sessions, one day per week. Registration is ongoing and you may start ANYTIME!

Watch for St. Louis’ 2 week intensive Citizenship preparation class right after Canada’s 150th birthday in July, 2017!

Email stlouis@wcdsb.caor call 519-745-1201