Public Transportation and Parking

Parking for St. Louis students at our various locations is extremely limited or non-existent.

Kitchener Main Campus – NEW student parking in designated student parking section during the day. 10 SPOTS ONLY !  FIRST COME / FIRST SERVE only. Student parking available after 4pm and also on a first come / first serve basis. There are only 5 Visitors Spots, for when you are visiting the school, not when you are already enrolled.  A visitor parking pass must be retrieved from the Main office at that time.

St. Mary’s Campus – No student parking

Highland Campus  – No student parking in the church parking lot, however 2 hour street parking on SOME nearby streets. Please obey street parking signs as many side streets are reserved for St. Mary’s Hospital.

St. Francis Campus – Limited student parking available onsite, please read signs upon arrival


Nearby Parking –  Because there is limited, or no student parking at most of our campuses, you may have to explore other nearby parking options. Parking is free on city streets during the day, however not usually for more than 2 hours at a time.  Please obey parking signs and check City parking by-laws for details on nearby parking options and rates.

Drop-off / Pick-up at the school — please obey traffic and directional signage when picking up or dropping off a student at any of our St. Louis campuses and satellite locations

Public Transportation — The LRT stop is HERE and we still have bus stops and terminals conveniently located near all of our campuses and satellite locations.  Visit to determine a route and schedule that will get you to class on time.

Cycling, Walking — in the nicer weather, we often see students choosing to walk  or ride their bike to our campuses.  If you choose to cycle, please lock your bike up where stanchions are provided.

Transportation - Right third