Registration is STILL OPEN!

Due to continued growth in registrations for HEADStart, ONLY afternoon HEADStart sessions are offered at St. Mary’s and St. Benedict Catholic Secondary Schools.  See below for revised registration form.

HEADStart is a 4-day program for Gr 8 students entering Grade 9 at any one of our Catholic Secondary Schools.

DATES: Thursday, August 24, Friday August 25, Monday August 28 and Tuesday August 29,

  • 9:00am-12:00pm daily at all 5 Catholic Secondary Schools (morning is FULL at St. Mary’s & St. Benedict)
  • 12:30pm-3:30pm daily ONLY at St. Mary’s and St. Benedict CSS locations

This program is a summer program and not mandatory, however registration is required. Once registered, attendance on all 4 days during the timeslot you selected is expected.  Please make your summer plans around these dates.

Nervousness about starting high school is heightened for most students in the days leading up to the first day of Grade 9.  HEADStart can alleviate some of that anxiety.

For the past 7 years, St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centres and of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board have worked together to create a stellar program that addresses academic and social anxiety, provides Gr 8 students going into Grade 9 with the tools of academic readiness, study skills to achieve success and a chance to connect with peers (old and new) in meaningful ways during this tough transition.

Each day’s activities of the HEADStart program builds on the previous. Teachers and students cannot “help” the absent student “catch-up” the next day because they are already on to the next activity. Experiential learning is best learned “in the moment”.  If this 4-day program conflicts with other summer plans, and your child can only attend part of the program or not at all, we ask that you do not register your child.  Commitment to attend all 4 mornings ensure optimal learning, the greatest benefit and the least disruption within the limited 12 hours the program is running. If they cannot attend all four days, please be assured that students who are able to attend HEADStart will be encouraged to pay it forward and show their peers a few tips they learned once school begins. Also, every high school has a team of students and staff that will help along the way. HEADStart merely gives Grade 9 students a bit more support, more time to adjust to the transition, and gain more confidence to cope with the first few weeks of high school … and therefore focus less on adjusting and more on course learning and achievement and making choices regarding involvement in other school activities.

Get excited and BE PREPARED for those first few weeks/months of Grade 9 at our Catholic Secondary Schools next September. Grade 9 is an exciting, yet challenging milestone.

  • Find out what you need to know about your new high school
  • Meet energetic LINK crew and student leaders, Guidance, Student Success and Chaplains who are all committed to supporting ALL Grade 9’s
  • Get your timetable early … and make sense of it!
  • Find your locker and classes ahead of time
  • Get study skills tips to keep those grades up AND be involved!
  • Find out what to do and who to talk to when you are having trouble
  • Make new friends in small and large groups

Don’t be nervous. Have fun!  Bring out your Best!

Students and Parents alike have repeatedly shared how this program “transforms” them. Confidence increases, attitude toward school is positive, bonds with new friends meaningful, and achievement in course work is focused. A 12 hour program is only a piece of the whole transition to high school, however this concentrated effort by each Catholic Secondary School is making a difference!

HEADStart is a 4-day program, offered on the following dates

Thursday, August 24 – Day 1

Friday, August 25 – Day 2

Monday, August 28 – Day 3

Tuesday, August 29 – Day 4


Morning Session: 9:00am-12:00pm (all 5 Catholic Secondary Schools) — note there is no space remaining in the morning sessions at St. Mary’s and St. Benedict

Afternoon Session: 12:30pm – 3:30pm (St. Mary’s and St. Benedict CSS locations ONLY)


HEADStart is a summer program and not mandatory, and separate registration for this summer program is required.  Space is limited. Once you have registered ONLINE, a commitment to attend ALL FOUR DAYS is expected.  If your child cannot commit to all 4 days, please DO NOT register your child for HEADStart.

Get a HEADStart to Grade 9 is offered at all five Catholic Secondary Schools with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.  St. Louis plays a supportive role in planning, organizing and registering students for this sought after FREE summer program.

If your child is registering to attend the following high schools in the Fall 2017, then they should be encouraged to register for this summer program as well.

  • Monsignor Doyle CSS — morning session
  • Resurrection CSS — morning session
  • St. Benedict CSS — morning session FULL * — afternoon session available only
  • St. David CSS — morning session
  • St. Mary’s High School — morning session FULL* — afternoon session available only

ONLINE REGISTRATION  is now OPEN and closes Friday, June 16, 2017 at midnight (or while space is available)

HEADStart fills up FAST! Register Early!


Morning sessions at St. Mary’s and St. Benedict Catholic Secondary Schools are FULL! ONLY afternoon sessions available at St. Mary’s High School and St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School.

Morning spaces available at all Monsignor Doyle, St. David and Resurrection Catholic Secondary Schools.  There are no afternoon sessions at these 3 locations.

For More Information, please contact:

Michele Breault, Program Manager

519-745-1201 or email stlouis@wcdsb.ca