What’s Keeping You From Finishing?

What’s keeping you from finishing your high school diploma?


Not enough time?

Going back with teenagers?

Something else?


We have the answers to all your questions about finishing your high school diploma and achieving your goals fast!  Finishing your high school diploma. It’s easier, faster and more within reach than you probably think. We understand. The idea of finishing your high school diploma in your final year of Grade 12 or as an adult of any age can be stressful.  For some adults, it’s a fear of going back to school with a younger crowd.  For others, it’s a cost consideration.  Maybe you don’t think you have time — that the sacrifice is too hard.


At St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centres, we’ve made it easy for you to take the next steps toward your successful future, with flexible options that suit your life timetable. You can take courses or earn credits at our Main Campus, at home, at work or online. Credits can be taken during the day, night or even in the summer.  Ask us how to tailor your journey today or explore your website: https://stlouis.wcdsb.ca/programsandcourses/ssc/ .


If you’re an Ontario resident over the age of 18, tuition is free when finishing your high school diploma.  That’s right. You can achieve your high school diploma without tuition costs.   Some materials fees do apply, yet still highly affordable.

It’s FAIRgetmyhighschooldiploma

Credits toward finishing your high school diploma can be applied for previous learning or experience you may already have.  This means that finishing your high school diploma may be closer than you imagine.  This is especially important for new Canadians who have previous academic and life experience prior to arriving in Canada.

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is the preferred accreditation for employers, as a minimum standard.  It’s what they look for when considering job applications and in today’s online application process, it’s an important tick box that must be truthfully answered.


Don’t let ANYTHING hold you back from taking the next easy step toward achieving your goals.




St. Louis is one of 60 locations in the Province to serve you and we are proud to serve Waterloo Region for over 30 years!


Still not sure if you are ready?  Visit getmyhighschooldiploma interactive microsite for more information.

Or go directly to the St. Louis at 80 Young Street, Kitchener. Explore our website: https://stlouis.wcdsb.ca/. Email stlouis@wcdsb.ca with your questions. Call to speak with someone in Guidance at 519-745-1201.

St. Louis Hairstyling Program – Volumizing Our Numbers

Next Intake/ Registration session for Hairstyling/ Barber Training:

Tuesday, February 5 at 9:00 am


Another term is ending for high school students, many of whom are doing their victory lap to improve some grades and are working to afford college or university.  We also have St. Louis students finishing Term 3 at the end of February. Why not register for St. Louis Hairstyling and Barber Training that begins March 25, 2019?


Many of those students are working in retail and hospitality jobs, gaining customer service skills that would be transferable in any career.  So if you are looking  to kick-start a professional career — a trade you will always have in your back pocket.


Check out the St. Louis Hairstyling and Barber Training details



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