Summer School is Sizzling!

Going to summer school doesn’t sound cool.

That’s because it’s not.

It’s sizzling!


At St. Louis Adult and Continuing Education, we don’t slow down for the summer.  In fact, we are seeing remarkable attendance for summer programs this year!

What’s happening this Summer?

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board and St. Louis oversee 10 summer programs held in July and August.  Programs are offered at all 5 Catholic High schools, 3 Catholic Elementary schools and 2 St. Louis campuses at the heart of the downtown Kitchener community.  “We haven’t seen such large overall numbers of registrants and participants for Summer School since 2008. Credit Day classes, International Languages, ESL and HeadStart registrations have reached new heights. E-learning credit classes have skyrocketed. Summer Boost is back. And the new credit class, “Bridge to Success” for new Grade 9 students has tripled from last year.”, says St. Louis Principal, Paul Cox.

The WCDSB is thankful to have strong leaders and talented instructional staff. They are willing to make summer learning for children and adults relevant and supportive, helping them toward a successful learning journey.   Children’s programs offer fun summer learning experiences to be better students overall. Some youth and adult students rely on having the summer to complete their high school diploma or meet a condition of acceptance into post-secondary.  Some high school students want to free up their timetable for a heavy Fall term by taking an E-learning or summer co-op.  Refugees from the past couple of years are relying on taking ESL and Citizenship preparation classes as a critical next step toward their continued status in Canada.

Can You Still Register?

Registration is closed for all children’s and secondary school credit-bearing programs.

However, registration is ongoing for Summer English Language (Aug 8) and Citizenship Preparation classes (July 26).  Visit 77 Young Street for ESL registration, mornings only.

See you next Fall!

Whether you are attending summer school, sending your kids to camp, picking up a long overdue hobby or working through a summer reading list, know that at St. Louis, we believe that all of us crave “life-long learning”, inside and outside of the classroom.

Wishing everyone a safe and educational summer!  See you August 26 and 27 to register for St. Louis September programs!

Visit July 12 for details.