IMPORTANT St. Louis Start-up Dates 2022

Here are some St. Louis start-up highlights:

  • Term 1 Secondary Credit Courses begin daily classes face-to-face Wednesday, September 7Register online starting Aug 29 and earn a credit in less than 8 weeks.
  • Self-directed online courses begin Monday, September 12 with options to earn credits around your schedule. Register online starting Aug 29 Certified teacher tutor support available in-person.
  • International Languages Secondary School Credit courses are part of the above credit course registration process.  Register online starting Aug 29 for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish classes.
  • Licensed Child Care is available onsite to support St. Louis students.  Registration will begin on September 6.
  • A NEW cohort of PSW and Hairstyling students begin in September.  St. Louis has small class sizes that will allow for in-person learning and skills development.
  • Core Essentials will be offered in-person in small class sizes beginning September 12.
  • ESL may be offered in-person and online morning, afternoon, evening and Saturdays this Fall starting on September 12. Online Registration is open now.
  • LINC will be offered in-person morning and afternoon and classes start September 12. Online Registration is open now.
  • Children’s language programs will start on Saturday, September 24 or Monday, September 26. Online Registration is open now.