For over 30 years, St. Louis has offered a variety of credit courses and supportive programs in Cambridge.  Are we REALLY BACK? Some say we never left.  Many say they felt the absence of secondary school day classes in Cambridge these past 3 years. 


We are thrilled to announce that we have forged a partnership with the Region of Waterloo Employment Income Support and Community Services, St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centres to re-introduce Secondary School Credit Day Classes in Cambridge! We feel so welcomed by the staff at 150 Main, Cambridge to bring this option back and we want you TELL EVERYBODY!



If you or someone you know is looking for secondary school credits or to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, they have the immediate opportunity to register over the next 3 weeks (April 15 -May 2).  First class is May 6, and we will offer our first teacher-directed Learning Strategies credit class back in Cambridge,  every weekday morning (8:45-11:45), 5 days a week until June 26 .  Core curriculum courses (e.g. Math and English) will be offered in September or they can start NOW with numerous Correspondence options to choose from.  Correspondence is self-directed learning, however onsite teacher support will be available in the Region of Waterloo Employment Resource Area computer lab.  This lab will give students a quiet study space and they can access tutor support by certified teachers, four afternoons a week

Please tell your friends, support your clients or challenge yourself to meet their goals:

  • to complete high school credits,
  • achieve an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or
  • pursue their plans for post-secondary prerequisites

We will do everything we can to support. Simply, take the following steps:

Step 1: Get your transcript from the last high school you attended or contact St. Louis is you are a former student

Step 2: Come to 150 Main Street, Cambridge, Monday to Thursday, 10am – 2pm with your transcript and photo ID – No student fees required in Cambridge.

Step 3: Develop an Education Plan with a St. Louis Guidance Counsellor (there are 6 ways to earn a secondary school credit through St. Louis!)

Step 4: Come back to school – May 6th



If you or someone you are supporting is still unsure or feels insecure in their abilities, please refer them to St. Louis Core Essentials 519-745-1201 or Project Read 519-570-3054 who will provide assessments, motivation and non-credit support to pursue this journey back in the classroom.

So what else does St. Louis continue to offer in Cambridge?

For Adults:

  • Core Essentials, literacy and basic skills (behind St. Benedict CSS)
  • ESL classes, day and evening (behind St. Benedict CSS)
  • Personal Support Worker training (Hilltop Manor)
  • Dual Credit (in partnership with Conestoga College)
  • Credits@Work (at the student’s place of employment)
  • Online credit courses (on any computer with internet connection)
  • Portuguese language credit class on Monday night (at St. Benedict CSS)

For Youth and Children:

  • Portuguese language credit class on Monday night (at St. Benedict CSS)
  • Polish, Portuguese & Spanish International Languages – Elementary (Holy Spirit Catholic Elementary)
  • Saturday Skills Builder for Grade 7 & 8 (at St. Benedict CSS)
  • Summer Expedition for Gr 6, 7 & 8 (at St. Benedict CSS)
  • Get a HeadStart to Gr. 9 (at St. Benedict CSS and Monsignor Doyle CSS)
  • Homework Clubs (at several Catholic Elementary Schools + St. Benedict and Mons. Doyle)

For details:



phone: 519-745-1201