Hair Essentials


Next Hairstyling program begins in April.
Hair Essentials is a 4-week program.  Specific dates for the next Hair Essentials program to be shared with eligible hairstyling student candidates.

If you have registered for St. Louis Hairstyling Program and during your interview it was determined that you could benefit from additional support to prepare for the course, you were likely referred to “Hair Essentials“.

Hair Essentials is an 8 session program offered 2 evenings a week in the 4 weeks leading up to the start of the Hairstyling Program. During this time, you will learn to learn as an adult and be better prepared to tackle the academic expectations of reading textbooks, completing assignments, writing tests and developing good study habits.

If you successfully complete Hair Essentials, then your acceptance into the Hairstyling Program will be confirmed with the coordinator.