“I had some experience in food service and knew I needed to  learn more, but didn’t realize how much more until I took the Chef and Hospitality program at St. Louis. Some of my classmates came in with very little experience, but we learned together and from each other; practicing our craft and understanding the science and art of cooking.” ~ Kim

A range of placement opportunities from small restaurants to fine dining establishments

Employers and the student placement experience are the key to success.  Employers gain a knowledgeable, trainable member of their kitchen staff and students gain on-the-job experience. It’s a WIN-WIN!

Here are a few of our placement employers that we are most appreciative to have support our adult culinary students. They have been great supporters of our program and have hired our students.

  • Cambridge Mill
  • Blackshop/Sole’
  • Charcoal group
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Moxies
  • Three Bridges Catering
  • Borealis

Some students already have work or a connection with a restaurant establishment and we can work with that employer to fulfill your placement requirement for the program.

All Culinary Arts students in 2019-20 graduate together in November 2020!  If you complete both Level I & II and your 8 week placement, you will earn your Cook I & II Certificate and have started your apprenticeship hours toward your Red Seal Certification.  We are glad you started your culinary journey with US!

According to the College of Trades, the Industry Committee has identified 5280 hours as the duration generally necessary for any apprentice to become competent in the skills required. That is on-the job training. St. Louis will get you started with the first 220 hours.  To complete all of the apprenticeship hours, you would have to work full-time (40 hours/week) with a cook for about 2 1/2 years.  Some apprenticeship trades take longer, so do what you love, persevere and no regrets!

“The Chef Training Core Essentials program helped me tremendously! When in the Chef program, I passed on a few of the helpful hints I learned to my classmate and the teacher. It should be a mandatory course for anyone who is of older status.” ~ John