Did you complete credit classes to toward your OSSD, and did not tell us your intent to graduate, please contact Guidance immediately.

In-School Training to be a Cook – NOW COMPLETE!

After 6 months in class with written tests and practical exams along the way you are ready for your 2 months on work placement. Culinary students learn the techniques and knowledge to start a successful career in many types of settings in the food service industry. In order to receive your St. Louis Culinary Arts Certificate, you must complete both the in-class and work placement portions. 

Want to make sure your Secondary School Credits earned during your program count?  Make sure your visit a St. Louis Guidance Counsellor to have your credits added to your high school transcript.  If these last few credits means you have now completed all your OSSD Requirements (including your 40 hours of community activities)? 

If you are a current student completing your last few credits, please be sure to complete an Intent to Graduate Form. 

Students who completed all their course work in 2019-20, should submit an intent to graduate form.  Don’t wait for the deadline of  Aug 31, 2020. The OSSD is an important Ministry of Education document that many employers require proof of. We cannot mail your diploma to you.  Please bring photo ID when you pick it up.