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St. Louis Culinary students are back in the kitchen and the ovens will be baking up a storm!  At break, get your coffee and the latest and greatest food creation made fresh daily in our kitchen.  Servery location (Urban Spoon or Kitchen Door) is announced regularly.  LUNCH is not your typical “cafeteria-style” food, so LISTEN for updates.

Follow our Culinary students on Twitter @StLouisWCDSB #stlouischefs and see photos of their latest creations and hospitality events!

Hospitality Training is provided in both the practical and theoretical knowledge and techniques of the classical culinary arts that support the versatility required of today’s professional cook.

Students learn the practical and business side of the food industry, especially the hospitality side.

Sometimes the food speaks for itself and presentation definitely matters, yet so does the manner in which it is served. As food connoisseurs, we appreciate “grab and go” and good food service. Our culinary students learn catering, line cooking, fine dining meal preparation to strike a balance  and gain a variety of hands-on experience.

Stop by the “Kitchen Door” on the second floor, Rm 207

Usually St. Louis students and staff can purchase on-the-go breakfast, snacks and drinks. During COVID-19 school closures, the Kitchen Door is CLOSED. When we return to school in September, listen for morning announcements for when this service is offered at our Kitchener Main Campus.

During COVID-19 school closures, the Urban Spoon Cafeteria Service  is CLOSED. When we return to school in September, listen for morning announcements for when this service is offered and hear what will be on the menu at our Kitchener Main Campus.

Located in the St. Louis cafeteria, where our students are served with delicious food cooked by the Culinary Arts Training students.

Hours of Operation: 10:15 – 12:30pm

The impressive “Chez Louis” is a gourmet experience for invited guests offered a few times during the school year.  The culinary arts classroom / prep room is transformed into a fine dining experience with an affordable 3-course meal.  This is where culinary student can shine!

Unfortunately during COVID-19 school closures, Chez Louis has been temporarily suspended. If you wish to be added to the invite list for future gourmet lunches, please email: .

When invitations are sent out, guests are reserved on first come, first served response.

Catering for large and small meetings and special events are available at most restaurant establishments. Some business see this as a way to “reach out” to attract new clientele and foot traffic to their establishment. Some businesses do catering exclusively.

At St. Louis, our students will gain business, planning and service experience in catering for small and large groups to prepare for these industry expectations and opportunities. Students will even experience back to back catering service.  Most notably, our culinary arts students have showcased the main course at the annual Bishop’s Banquet.  Regrettably we cannot participate this year, due to the Bishop Banquet’s cancellation and COVID-19 school closures, however we encourage you to support the WCDSB Schools Foundation who has supported our program a number of times!

If your group or company is interested in contracting the services of the St. Louis Culinary Arts Program, please make a general inquiry at . All catering proposals are considered, however, please note that because we are a teaching facility, we have to be selective about how many opportunities we can take on each year. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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