Hairstyling Exams and Graduation

St. Louis provides essential skills training to all hairstyling students, so they may be prepared to successful complete Level I and II exemption exams. In partnership with Conestoga College, St. Louis offers opportunities for hairstyling students to write the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities exemption exams on site.  The cost of writing these exams is $155.00 each and is not included in the program materials fees.

Why do you have to write this exam?

Graduates of programs of less than 1,500 vocational hours (St. Louis hair program is 700 hours) will be required to write exemption tests and achieve a minimum of 70% for each of the in-school levels, and complete a 3,020 hour practicum in the pursuit of a Certificate of Apprenticeship. ( © 2012, Queen’s Printer for Ontario )

St. Louis provides all the in-class theory required for your hairstyling qualifications and St. Louis students consistently achieve over 80% on these exams. By writing the exams, you can begin your apprenticeship early!

In-class theory  √

Updated high school transcript (required) √

Exemption exams  √

Placement experience  √

Another 2800 hours of apprenticeship hours to go!  Sign on with an apprenticeship employer and with full-time work, you could be done in 1 1/2 to 2 years.

Upon completion of your Level I and II in-class theory and hands-on training, plus a 220 hour placement, St. Louis will issue a Certificate of Completion that is recognized by the Ontario College of Trades and employers.  Your log book of apprenticeship hours is a critical piece to earning your Certificate of Apprenticeship/ Qualifications issued by the Ministry of Ontario. In November 2020, you will receive your well-deserved official Hairstyling & Barber Training Certificate from St. Louis.  SAVE THE DATE! Come to this graduation ceremony and celebrate your achievement!

If you are a current student who has also completed your last few high school credits, please be sure to complete an Intent to Graduate Form.  OSSD’s are issued only once per year, so all requests must be received by August 31 to receive your OSSD at our November Graduation ceremony.  If you completed all Secondary School Credits, and have NOT put in your request yet, please contact Guidance.

After meeting all in-class requirements at St. Louis and logging 220 hours toward your apprenticeship, you are on your way to earning your Certificate of Apprenticeship Qualifications in Hairstyling.



Missed Graduation?  Arrange to pick up your certificate…  

Celebrate your Achievement that you completed the in-class portion of your Hairstyling license!