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Salon Training

WHAT’S NEW in Studio 102

Getting ready for the Spring weather and need a new look? Level 2 students are now ready to offer client days!

My regular hairdresser was a St. Louis Hairstyling graduate from years ago and now she left the city to work elsewhere. She was FANTASTIC! I’m sure you would echo my despair, when I couldn’t wait any longer… NOW WHAT?! I hesitated at first, having a student do my hair, but I trusted the instructors would oversee and check in. She took a ‘little’ longer (40 minutes vs. 30 minutes) to do the cut, but I walked away very pleased. Exceeded my expectations! ~ Michelle

I am a St. Louis staff member and I’ll take my lunch break to have a variety of salon treatments done.  I’ve been going to St. Louis’ Salon Client Days for YEARS, and even though it’s a different student every time, the results are the wonderful… a testament to the quality and consistency of instruction. ~ Nancy

St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centres Hairstyling and Barbering Program guarantees you a minimum of 250 hours of hands-on, on-site classroom and salon training to prepare you for your 220 hours of placement experience. Hands-on training starts with mannequins, moves to practicing on each other to offering “Client Salon Days” to friends, family and the public at large.

Examples of the types of hands-on training received:

  • Use and care of variety of cutting implements including, different types of shears, scissors, and razors
  • Washing hair using a variety of sink positions
  • Blow drying and styling techniques on mannequins and people
  • Cutting techniques for short, medium and long hair
  • Workplace Ergonomics including posture, cutting stance, and maintaining back, arm and shoulder stamina
  • Selecting, measuring, and applying a variety hair and colour products
  • role-playing your approach to customer service, implementing best practices
  • Maintaining a sterile and organized work/salon space. “If you can lean, you can clean”
  • and so much more….

Invite your friends, family or post on your social media your best work as a St. Louis Hairstyling and Barber student.  You’ll have exceptional opportunities to provide hair services on “Salon Days”.  Please visit this site again for upcoming Salon Day schedules. Check out our affordable St Louis Studio 102 Hair Salon Price List!!

To make an appointment for a cut, colour or style with a stylist in-training, contact the St. Louis Hairstyling Teachers

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