Clinical and Community Placements


If you are an employer looking to place St. Louis PSW students or hire our graduates, please contact us at 519-745-1201 or email

Placement Assignments

St. Louis provides the opportunity for you to apply your learning, by arranging a blend of Long-Term Care facility and community agency placement experiences.  St. Louis teaching staff work closely with a team of students and proctors at each site to ensure that techniques, and approaches to care are carried out in accordance with all of the professional standards expected of a PSW.  Total hours of clinical experience is 300 hours (180 in long-term care + 120 in community settings). Length of each shift is predetermined.  Note there will be some very early morning or late afternoon shifts.

Professional Expectations

All professional expectations around attire, identification, professional conduct, attendance and who you report to etc. are all clearly explained during class, prior to placement and during placement.  St. Louis takes tremendous pride in the reputation and integrity of the St. Louis PSW program and as a PSW student, you will learn that these expectations during the program carry forward into the profession.

Over the years, we have developed relationships with numerous placement sites, so St. Louis PSW students can gain practical experience in the field and be employment ready upon completion.  St. Louis has a remarkable 98% employment rate post-graduation and this is largely due to the collaboration with Long-term Care homes and community partners and the solid recognition of the value of a PSW in health care.