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Guidance Services

New Students

Please complete the following 2 forms:  

Current and Previous St. Louis students

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Guidance Regular Online or in Person Office Hours until Thursday, December 22, 2022. CLOSED for Holiday Break. Resuming Monday, January 9, 2023
Last day for Guidance Services in the 2022-2023 school year is June 29, 2023:

Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 12:30pm/1:30-4:00pm

Closed Fridays for PLAR and individual appointments

Transcript Inquiries: , Guidance Dept. Administrative Assistant

Guidance Fax: 519-745-9269

Guidance Email for sending documents only:

Guidance Intake Form
New Student Information Form

Please check your email (including junk folder), the St Louis website, and the WCDSB website regularly for ALL updates.

Guidance consultation is available before registering for all St. Louis courses.  The following guidance services are available for St. Louis students registered in any of our credit courses.

Talking to a Guidance Counsellor at St. Louis is not entirely like when you were in high school last. St. Louis Guidance Counsellors are certified teachers with Guidance qualifications and experience, however they also understand your adult responsibilities, perspectives and sense of urgency to get where you want to go.

To consult about academic planning, please complete a Guidance Intake Form to connect with a St. Louis Guidance Counsellor during Guidance Office Hours Monday to Thursday and Tuesday and Wednesday evenings only (no Fridays or weekends) – in person, phone or virtual – by appointment.

Location Weekday Office Hours
St. Louis – 80 Young Street, Kitchener  Monday to Thursday 8:30am – 12:30pm

1:30pm – 4:00pm

Friday Closed
There are no in-person Guidance Services in Cambridge

If you plan to register for a credit course, these items are required:

  • Documents with your Legal Name and Date of Birth
  • Documents with your Status in Canada
  • Photo Identification
  • Previous High School Transcript or Credit Counselling Summary
  • Up-to-date Resume (if you wish to have your work and volunteer experience recognized under PLAR)
  • Principal to Principal Transfer Request Form (if you attended another high school in the last year without having completed a diploma)
  • Letter to verify completion of CLB 6 (if you are a LINC or ESL student)

St. Louis Guidance Counsellors will work with current and prospective students to determine what is still required to meet graduation requirements and achieve your OSSD.  Click here for Graduation Requirements. If you already have your OSSD, and need to upgrade credits for a better grade or take a College or University level Secondary School Credit, Guidance will provide direction on how taking a credit class at St. Louis will impact your overall grade average and updated transcript.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (mPLAR) is a process that helps mature students obtain recognition for learning outside of formal education settings.  PLAR focuses on what adults already know and what they can do. For example, have you lived on your own and managed your own money, do you have children, have you worked or volunteered and learned new skills.  These elements are just a handful of the situations we evaluate to determine how that life experience may be attached to secondary school credits. At St. Louis, we can help you obtain recognition for this life and work experience.

Click here to view the PLAR information video: Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Who is Eligible?

PLAR is available to mature students who entered an Ontario high school after 1999, or would like to graduate under the current Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) requirements.

Are you:

  • At least 18 years old on or before December 31 of this school year?
  • Enrolled in a Secondary School Credit program for the purpose of obtaining an OSSD
  • Out of high school for at least 10 months before returning as an adult
  • New to the Ontario Secondary School system, as of February 1, 2004 AND working toward an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). (Students who have studied out of province or out of country would also qualify under this criteria)

You may earn up to 26 secondary school credits using PLAR for Mature students.  The last 4 credits MUST be earned via any combination of our day class, hybrid, correspondence, online, language credit, skills training or Credits@Work options.  Credits offered in Skills Training programs are elective credits only.

To receive a PLAR application and connect with a St. Louis Guidance Counsellor, please complete a Guidance Intake Form. A guidance counsellor will contact you via email (in queue) during our office hours.

Guidance Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 12:30pm / 1:30pm  – 4:00pm. Fridays are dedicated for PLAR assessments.

International Visa Student Program –

St Louis Adult Learning  & Continuing Education Centres


St Louis Adult Learning & Continuing Education Centres offers High School credit courses taught in English for the purpose of obtaining the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and/or upgrading for post-secondary education. Credits can be earned through our Adult Day School program (5 Terms) , Correspondence – Self Directed program (continuous Intake) or any of our three school to Work Programs: Culinary Arts Training, Hair Styling and Barber Training, and Personal Support Worker training. Please click on the Programs and Courses on our website for information about each program.

Acceptance into a St Louis Adult & Continuing Education program in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board will be determined by:

  1. An assessment of the student’s educational background and present academic standing as indicated on their transcripts. Secondary students must have a performance grade level of 65%. (High School Transcripts must be faxed or emailed to prior to acceptance (see Procedures section).
  2. The availability of space in specific secondary credit courses. Early enrolment is recommended to ensure access to the course of choice and desired program.
  3. An assessment of the student’s English language proficiency. Students will need to provide evidence of a TOEFL score between 79-93, or IELTS at 6.5, or CLB at level 6 (in listening, speaking, reading, and writing) in order to be accepted into our adult high school credit courses. If you have taken language tests other than those listed above, please contact St Louis directly to determine whether they will meet language testing requirements.

English Language Testing

The following services evaluate language skills of people whose first language is not English.

  • Test of English As a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
    Telephone: 1.877.863.3546
    Use Institution Code 0211 when taking the TOEFL test
  • International English Language Testing Service (IELTS)
    Website: or
  • In Waterloo Region contact the YMCA Immigrant Services to set up a CLB language assessment

Once you’ve completed an English Proficiency test, contact the organization directly and have them send your official results to: St Louis Adult Learning & Continuing Education Centres, 80 Young St., Kitchener ON N2H 4Z1. Your results must be received in a sealed envelope from the organization to be considered official.

All students will be advised within two weeks of St Louis receiving your high school transcripts and English Language Proficiency documents as to whether you have been offered a placement in a St Louis Adult Learning Centre Program. At that time you will be given a copy of a Request For Invoice.

Once you are accepted and have your Request for Invoice you will need to contact the:

Resource Development Office (RDO)

Waterloo Catholic District School Board

35 Weber Street West, Unit A, Kitchener, Ontario

Directions: Office located between Ontario & Young Streets

Hours: Monday–Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Telephone: 519-578-3660 (call first, please!)

The WCDSB school tuition and RDO administration fees must be paid in full to the WCDSB Resource Development Office, 35 Weber Street West, Unit A, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 4G2 before the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) is issued. After receiving the school fees payment, the WCDSB will issue an official letter of acceptance. The official letter of acceptance is required for the student to apply for a Study Permit at the Canadian Embassy in order to study in Canada.

Please note: For students applying to study in Canada for the first time, their Study Permits must be obtained before entering Canada. Students who are already studying in Canada may renew their Study Permits from Citizenship & Immigration Canada from within Canada.

All students must apply for and receive a Study Permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada before leaving their home country to attend a school in Canada. Guidelines and an application form can be found on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, or at the Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate in the student’s home country. Students should contact the Canadian visa office in their home country to see if they are required to fill out any additional forms or provide any additional documents.

Procedure and Requirements

  1. Send an email to to begin your application process. In the body of the email please indicate the program you are interested in at St Louis and the reason you wish to study with us. Attach the following documents to this email:
  • Scanned copies of high school transcripts from the most recent and previous two years of study
  • Evidence of English proficiency
  1. Complete the International Student Application Form. Once this is completed and we have received your transcripts a guidance counsellor will contact you to help you select your courses.  We will then send you a Request for Invoice for administration and tuition fees. You will then contact the ROD office to make arrangements for your tuition payment.
  2. The administration and tuition fees must be received prior to the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) being issued by the School Board. Payment may be submitted by certified cheque, wire transfer or money order.
  3. A student is responsible to apply for a Visa and Study Permit. Only students with a Secondary School Study Permit will be granted course credits.
  4. Students should ensure they arrive a couple days prior to the beginning of the term. This is important if the student wishes to begin classes the first day of the term.
  • Students will receive their study permit once they have been processed through Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) at the point of entry.
  • Upon arrival at St Louis, the student must present their passport containing the visa with stamped entry date, and study permit. You will also need to provide documentation showing your Canadian address, and a receipt showing your tuition payment.

Document Requirements

Students must submit the following:

  1. A final transcript or school record from high school and post-secondary (if attended) must be faxed to 519 745-9269 or documents emailed to Photocopies of transcripts/certificates must be certified with an official school stamp. Failure to comply will result in a delay. Secondary students must have a performance grade level of 75% or B+ equivalent.
  2. Completed International Student Application Form
  3. Completed New Student Registration Form
  4. Two administration fees of CDN $350.00 + HST and $45.50 +HST is to be made payable to the Waterloo Catholic District School Board by certified cheque, bank draft or money order. The administration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.


Please note: On arrival in Canada, International Students may NOT transfer to another school in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. In special circumstances, St. Louis Administration may consider a change of program at St. Louis. 

School Fees – Secondary Schools (Grade 9-12)

One credit course (adult day school or correspondence) is  CDN $1800.00

One day school term (2 credits) CDN $3,600 for a maximum of 2 courses per school term

plus Student Services Fees and/ or Correspondence Fee $60/course

Health Insurance- Students must arrange their own health insurance to be covered during their stay in Canada.

Refund policy

Admissions – International Students NOTE: Look under Terms and Conditions on this WCDSB Admissions page for the complete refund policy.

Terms & Conditions

  • The Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) is not liable for losses/expenses that may incur as a result of the District being unable to provide education owing to labour disputes or inclement weather conditions or other causes beyond its control.
  • Canada and the Waterloo Region are very safe by world standards. The WCDSB cannot guarantee the student’s safety. Therefore, should the student be injured while studying in Canada, the WCDSB will not be held liable.
  • If the student’s educational needs are greater than disclosed in the application, the WCDSB reserves the right to charge for extra support if such support is available.
  • Any inaccuracy in the application is grounds for the WCDSB to terminate the agreement and send the student home without refund and at the parent’s own expense.
  • The Waterloo Catholic District School Board, its officers, employees, agents, volunteers and representatives will not be held responsible for any injury loss or injury suffered by the applicant during periods of travel and study. If the applicant becomes ill or incapacitated, the WCDSB and its representatives may take such action as it considers necessary, including securing medical treatment and transporting the applicant home at his/her expense.
  • The undersigned hereby agrees to indemnify WCDSB for damages or expenses incurred, resulting from the student’s willful or negligent behaviour or actions.

I acknowledge that the Waterloo Catholic District School Board reserves the right to dismiss students and return them home, at their expense, without tuition refund for violating school rules, the WCDSB code of Conduct or the laws of Canada.

I therefore agree to uphold all rules and regulations and cooperate with administrators, teachers and student in the WCDSB. I fully understand the refund policy of the WCDSB.

Upon application submission, I verify that everything stated in the application is true and processing this application acknowledges my acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Upon Arrival In Canada

In order to acquaint themselves with the city and our Canadian customs, we advise students to arrive in the Waterloo Region at least two weeks in advance of the start of school.

All international students will be required to report to the Resource Development Office – International Education Services within their first two days in Canada.

The Resource Development Office (RDO) is located at:

Waterloo Catholic District School Board

35 Weber Street West, Unit A, Kitchener, Ontario

Directions: Office located between Ontario & Young Streets

Hours: Monday–Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Telephone: 519-578-3660

During this visit, students must submit the following:

  • A valid Study Permit.
  • A valid Passport.
  • Most recent Transcripts.
  • Valid health insurance coverage.

Registration at school

  • All new students will be required to register at St. Louis one week prior to the start of school. At this time, secondary students will be asked to show their tuition receipt, Passport, Study Permit and valid health coverage.
  • Students will then complete the New Student Registration Form

NOTE: WCDSB and St. Louis reserve the right to alter information including program content, requirements, fees and availability as necessary.

Connect with a St. Louis Guidance Counsellor by completing a Guidance Intake Form to discuss how your International Education is recognized in Ontario.

International Credentials Assessment Services of Canada

World Education Services

Were you ever on an IEP?

If you require learning accommodations in any class at St. Louis, please contact our guidance staff.  You will need to provide documentation to support your learning accommodations:

  • a copy of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) from your former school
  • a medical note
  • or a Psycho-Educational Assessment (including tests of intelligence and cognitive abilities, memory, achievement tests, and measures of behaviour)

Do you think you might have learning challenges?

Talk to our Guidance Department about our Student Success resources and academic accommodations that will support your path to success.

If  you do not have your OSSD and aren’t sure if you are ready to attempt a Secondary School Credit course yet, consider Core Essentials (an individualized learning support program for adults) at St. Louis – Kitchener Main Campus. Please contact to find our which programs are offered in person and which are offered remotely.

Applying to College and University can be overwhelming.

You have to stay on top of all the steps, timelines and meet deadlines to get into the post-secondary program of your choice.

St. Louis Guidance staff are here to assist students with this process and are extremely knowledgeable about the numerous skills training and post-secondary certificate and degree programs across the province.

St Louis Post-Secondary Consent Forms are required.  See Guidance for details.

You must complete a consent form AFTER you have applied and paid for your post-secondary application. The consent form gives us permission to send your projected courses and final St Louis marks.

Applying to College?

College Applicant Consent Form

Applying to University?

101 PIN Request Form

This 101 PIN Request form is for students under age 21, with no break in schooling or post-secondary. You must complete this form before you can apply as a 101 applicant.


All St. Louis secondary school credits earned will appear on your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) transcript and are recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education (EDU) and Ministry of Trades, Colleges and University (MTCU).

If you want St. Louis to send your grades, as part of your application process, we need your consent!

Please follow this link to confirm consent:

101 University Applicant Consent Form

105 University Applicant Consent Form

Switched any St. Louis courses lately ?

If you have changed any St. Louis courses after applying and completing the post-secondary consent form(s), print, complete and submit Post-Secondary Course Update Form electronically to a St. Louis Guidance Counsellor.

Looking for a scholarship or bursary opportunity for post-secondary?

Here are a few links to get you started:

Check with the financial aid office of your chosen university or college, or use these useful links to explore some of the programs available in Canada:

Completed all your OSSD Requirements? (including your 40 hours of community involvement)

You must let Guidance know before Aug 31 that you have completed all your credits and that you intend to graduate with us.

Ontario Secondary School Diplomas (OSSD) are issued only once a year.

If you are a current student completing your last few credits, and all of your OSSD Requirements (including your 40 hours of community service), please be sure to complete an Intent to Graduate Form. Only current students can complete the Intent to Graduate Form, all others must complete the Guidance Intake Form: Guidance Intake Form

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is an important Ministry of Education document that many employers require proof of and we like to celebrate with you.

Note: We cannot mail your diploma to you.  If you need to pick up your diploma, contact the St. Louis Main office first, during office hours. Find out the latest Covid restrictions for schools before coming to the school. Bring photo ID.

Consider getting a grad photo taken by contacting Highland Camera and making arrangements anytime of the year.  Exclusive opportunity for St. Louis Graduates. Click here for Grad Photo Order Form.


Maria – Guidance Department Head (student last names A-C)

Patti  (student last names D-L)

Maria Lucko – (student last names M-Z)


During peak registration times, we have other experienced guidance counsellors available to review your transcript, develop an education plan and register you for your next secondary school credit course.

For more information on Guidance Services at St. Louis:

First step is always to: Complete the Guidance Intake Form

Please check your email for a reply (including your junk or spam folders) before calling St. Louis school.

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