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PPZ3CY – Health for Life, Grade 11, College Preparation

This course enables students to examine the factors that influence their own health practices and behaviours as well as those factors that contribute to the development of healthy communities. It emphasizes the concept of wellness, which addresses all aspects of well-being – physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and social – and promotes healthy eating, physical activity, and building and maintaining a positive sense of self. Students will develop the skills necessary to make healthy choices and create a personal wellness plan. They will also design initiatives that encourage others to lead healthy, active lives. The course prepares students for college programs in health sciences, fitness, wellness, and health promotion.

Prerequisite: None

HSB4UY – Challenge and Change in Society, Grade 12 University

This course focuses on the use of social science theories, perspectives, and methodologies to investigate and explain shifts in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviour and their impact on society. Students will critically analyse how and why cultural, social, and behavioural patterns change over time. They will explore the ideas of social theorists and use those ideas to analyse causes of and responses to challenges such as technological change, deviance, and global inequalities. Students will explore ways in which social science research methods can be used to study social change.

Prerequisite: Any university or university/college preparation course in social sciences and humanities, English, or Canadian and world studies

St. Louis believes in supporting the 21st Century Learner!

  • Offer CoOL (Courses On-Line) through our Correspondence / Self-Study Department;
  • Offer e-Learning courses (Summer Only);
  • Blend in-class learning in a traditional setting, with access to computer labs, WiFi, and Desire2Learn (c);
  • Encourage use of technology in the classroom and “bring your own devices”, when appropriate;
  • Continually increasing Wi-Fi access at most of our campuses;
  • Provide access to software and technology resources that supports students with learning challenges;

Check out this Orientation to Correspondence Online presentation to help get you started.

Other CoOL courses offered:


E-Learning Courses (Summer ONLY):


Registering for digital modes of learning?

Registration, Guidance Services and Fees are identical to processes for Day Classes.

What is the difference between an Online and an E-Learning course?

Online (CoOL – Correspondence Online) – Online courses or “CoOL” courses provide students the opportunity to take self-directed courses by exclusively accessing the material on line at the pace of their choosing. Teacher interaction and direction online is minimal, however St. Louis students taking CoOL courses may access  Certified Teachers during Correspondence tutoring hours.

E-Learning – E-Learning courses are taught outside a traditional classroom.  The teacher utilizes digital technologies to deliver course content completely online.  Student–teacher contact is through the course site and email.  Students need to be self-motivated and have the ability to study independently in an effective way. Currently, e-Learning courses are only offered in summer school.

For More Information:

Contact St. Louis Guidance or 519-745-1201

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