Return to School for St. Louis ~ Jan 17, 2022

Our St. Louis programs are unique in many ways compared to the traditional elementary and secondary school structures. We will be handling the next several weeks a bit differently, than a full return to in-person instruction to support our learners.  All students attending in-person learning at St. Louis are expected to continue to wear masks at all times, follow social distancing, use hand hygiene and complete the COVID-19 screening tool.

In-person or Online?

Please read the following information for St. Louis specific delivery format by program for student learning starting on Monday January 17.

  • PSW and Hairstyling/ Barber Programs will return to full in-person learning.
  • Core Essentials (LBS) students will continue to have the option of in-person or online learning.
  • Correspondence Tutoring will return to the online or in-person options – based on the Correspondence Tutoring schedule from before the holiday break.
  • Secondary Credit Day classes will continue with teacher led online learning for the remainder of the term (now until February 25).
  • All ESL, LINC and LINC Childminding at all locations will continue with teacher led online learning for the remainder of the term (February 18).
  • Spots for Tots will have in-person services for registered children of parents who are learning onsite  and will also provide remote support to registered children of parents learning online.
  • International Languages, both elementary and secondary, will continue with teacher led online learning for the remainder of the school year.

Covid Screening

It is more important than ever before, that anyone feeling ill should not attend school in-person.

All children, students, staff, and visitors must complete the Covid-19 school screening for symptoms of illness every day before attending school or childcare. Staff have additional attestation protocols to follow. Any student or staff member with any symptom should not report to school.

If you have a child attending a Waterloo Catholic elementary or secondary school, the following letter to parents is very important. Please read the following:

January School Re-Opening Update to WCDSB Parents Jan 13th 22

Continuity of Learning

St. Louis is committed to the continuity of learning for all. In the event that we receive new direction from public health, the government of Ontario and/or WCDSB, please monitor local news, as well as visit the St. Louis and WCDSB websites for updates.

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