We have moved to an almost an exclusive digital world, while occasionally looking out our windows from home.

St. Louis Learning at Home

At St. Louis, we have always known that there are different teaching and learning styles needed to help our students achieve secondary school credits, learn skills or develop language. For a majority of students (of any age / in any program), face to face connection with their teacher, observing hands-on demonstration, applying their learning and valuing the collaboration with their peers makes for optimal learning. These are not optimal times, yet we are responsive and resilient.

Importance of Embracing New Ways

Since March 21st, St. Louis has been moving teacher-led instruction to a new level. For some teachers, they have heightened their knowledge of D2L, others have found ways to reach out to students of all ages or explored new platforms like Google Classroom to connect. Students who are very comfortable with digital learning are embracing this development, self-directed online learners are carrying on and many still crave that teacher connection. Some learners (even the pre-school children in our child care centres) say their teacher connection over the last two weeks has ‘made their day’ and has been a lifeline to normalcy in an ever-increasing world of isolation.
By logging into school daily, students are finding a healthy distraction from the stresses associated with COVID-19 and this learning is contributing to their mental well-being. Daily schooling keeps the brain active, and in a positive forward motion. By allocating concentrated time to a task or topic, our days fill with a sense of accomplishment and our learners (and teachers) are one step closer to a tangible goal. In these ‘one-day-at-a-time’ moments, having a teacher to provide instruction, direction and learning support becomes critical to our motivation and hope for the future.

Highlights in Teacher-Led Instruction

  • At St. Louis, we are at the halfway point of Term 4 Secondary School Credit Day classes, with another 45 hours to reach the April 30th completion date. It took Day School teaching staff a couple of days to get students on track after March Break, and although very different, teacher-led instruction continues to be available.
  • Hairstyling/ Barber, Culinary Arts and Personal Support Worker (PSW) certificate training students are fast approaching the end of their in-class portion and preparing for possible co-op placements by preparing their resumes, cover letters and focusing on job readiness and interviews. Specifically, in the past two weeks:
  • Hairstyling students have received their Barbicide training and certification, and some have already started on next week’s fun project of researching and presenting about a Hair Icon.
  • Culinary students are doing lots of at home video learning, and a teacher-led approach will be more interactive in the weeks ahead.
  • Of the five PSW classes in session, one is doing at-home theory learning and three are either starting or practicing their labs skills with the launch of 10 skills videos St. Louis created in November 2019.
Of the five PSW classes in session, one is doing at-home theory learning and three are either starting or practicing their labs skills with the launch of 10 skills videos
St. Louis created in November, 2019.
The final group of PSW students is currently doing their placements in community and group home settings and has one more assignment due and will be ready to complete their final exam on April 13. Their fresh skills and extra hands will be appreciated now more than ever in the local community.
  • ESL and LINC teachers already reached out to 95% of students in their English Language classes and were starting to use Google Classrooms and Google Hangouts to keep class in session virtually.
  • International Languages Secondary Credit Program teachers have been reaching out to students by email and phone. If you have not heard from your teacher please send an email to them with any updated contact information. If you do not know your teacher's email address, please email the stlouis@wcdsb.ca and we will provide you with the contact information for your teacher.
  • All Literacy and Basic Skills / Core Essentials students have also been receptive to continuing their work online.

The Online Alternative

Need a secondary school credit NOW, while you have the time off?


You have 2 options!

Register for Correspondence – Online Self-Study Now until April 16.
While face to face teacher-led instruction is looking different, self-directed online learning with tutor support is ramping up! St. Louis offers 49 secondary school credits through the D2L platform and if a student wants/needs to have a credit completed by the end of June, those students will need to register before April 16.
Visit the Correspondence – Online Self-Study webpage for details and on how to register. Tutors and Markers are still working to support students to finish by the end of June. There are no new Correspondence Online Self-Study registrations to Correspondence after April 16 to allow for everyone to complete their current courses. Correspondence will reopen for new course registrations in September.
A new term of DAY CLASSES is offered every 2 months. In order to accommodate changing COVID-19 restrictions, Term 5 Day Classes will be offered in a blended learning environment. These courses will be online May 4 - June 24. If students are allowed to return into the schools at any point during the term, students would have the option to attend in-school sessions, as they complete the work online.
Registration for Term 5 is open until Friday, May 1st at 12:00pm NOON.
If you are a CURRENT student, please go to the St Louis Student Portal to complete your course selection.
If you are NEW to St Louis, please complete the New Student Registration Form and one of our Guidance counsellors will contact you. Visit https://stlouis.wcdsb.ca/programsandcourses/ssc/day-classes/ for more details.

While at home, new students have the perfect opportunity to move their educational goals forward by taking an online course as a pre-requisite for college, university or to finally finish that high school diploma.


Being There for the Children too

child mother
St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centre is often known as the adult high school or the school to learn or improve English, yet we have numerous children’s programs throughout the school year and summer.
Our Licensed Childcare and Childminding staff continue to make regular contact and shared resources with parents who used their services.
Over 100 International Language teachers of 19 language schools offered through St. Louis have reached out to over 2000 students, JK to Grade 8, with language learning games, activities and music to help them continue, while they learn at home.
We don’t know what this summer will bring, yet. St. Louis will be sure to keep families updated on our capacity to continue Summer Learning Programs when we know more.

Pin this Time as a Milestone, not Chaos

At every mark and milestone of student achievement,
St. Louis has celebrated the resiliency and tenacity of our students and the agility of our instructors. Our graduations are like no other and our students are always beacons of hope in their unique ways. #InThisTogether
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