St. Louis Story

St. Louis Adult Learning & Continuing Education Centres is in it’s 38th year as an adult education institution, and our many campuses and satellite locations have been a proud part of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board’s 188-year history. We invite you to explore our website or browse through our  St Louis Program Guide 2023-24 to find the course(s) that will help you and your family achieve your educational goals!

~Perhaps, you need to upgrade or complete your high school credits as an adult?
~Maybe, you want to learn or improve your English or you have a child interested in learning one of twenty-two exciting new languages?
~Possibly, your child needs some additional after-school support in math, reading or writing?

St. Louis offers many options to earn secondary school credits, learn language skills or train for a hands-on skilled profession to become a Cook, Hairstylist/Barber or Personal Support Worker.  Explore the path that is right for you!

Develop an educational plan for the year, with any combination of approaches. We encourage you to work with St. Louis’ experienced Guidance Department to lay out the steps you could take to reach your goals quickly and affordably.

  • Earn one, two (or more) secondary school credits in a 7-week morning or afternoon day class
  • Take an online course
  • Earn Credits@Work
  • Do a Summer Co-op
  • Learn at your own pace through self-study/ correspondence

Know that over 300 staff and a dedicated administrative team at St. Louis will work together with you to seek out your full potential.

We see that spark of hope in your eyes; believing success is within your reach.  We know that look of confidence that you can do it, no matter the sacrifice or the hard work involved.  Mostly, we enjoy watching your proud smile that you’ve made a choice that will open numerous doors of possibility for you.  How do we know all this? Although your story is uniquely your own, we have seen this same theme with over 300,000 learners for over three decades.

We believe that there is  Hope, Opportunity and Success for All  who attend St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centres.  This year will be a year of fresh starts and new beginnings for many of us, and we welcome the opportunity to be a part of your success!

We look forward to seeing you at St. Louis!

Lisa Mackay, Principal