St. Louis Stats
  1. Number of years St. Louis Adult Learning & Continuing Education Centres has been a proud part of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board – 32
  2. Total number of St. Louis students of ALL AGES, serviced across all of our programs – 12,500
  3. Number of additional student hours of afterschool, Saturday and Summer Literacy and Numeracy supports to Gr. 7-10 students in both the Catholic and Public systems – 38,000
  4. Number of Elementary students learning 19 languages and cultures that St. Louis offers after school, on Saturdays and in the month of July – 2100 – almost 75,000 in the past 40 years!
  5. Percentage of adults in Waterloo Region who have not completed high school, i.e. earned their Ontario Secondary School Diploma – 12% (Census data, 2011)
  6. Number of day school credits attempted at St. Louis – 7002. Number of credits earned – 6568
  7. St. Louis’ Day school Secondary Credit SUCCESS rate for students who stay the whole 7 weeks – 94%
  8. Number of students over last 15 years who completed St. Louis’ reputable, award-winning, accredited certificate, apprenticeship and licensing ‘school-to-work’ programs (Chef, Hair and PSW training)~ 2800
  9. Percentage that have entered in their new career with sustainable skilled employment within 6 months of certificate completion – 82% Cook & Hair / 98% PSW
  10. Number of adult students who completed an OSSD or certificate programs at St. Louis in 2016-17– 444
  11. Percentage of adult students with an OSSD already who come to St. Louis to upgrade their marks or take the pre-requisite for post-secondary goals – 55%
  12. Number of successful College applications from St. Louis – 916 ( to Conestoga College– 391)
  13. Number of successful University applications from St. Louis – 268 (to WLU/ UofW – 156)
  14. Economic impact of first year tuition fees paid by St. Louis students at post-secondary institutions within Waterloo Region – $3.5 mil / in the Province or Nationally — $7.2 mil
  15. Economic contributions to some downtown Kitchener businesses (Monday-Friday) – 30%
  16. Number of Newcomers & Citizens attending 7 St. Louis locations for English Language Instruction ~1700 (St. Louis LINC & ESL are the English Language Instruction Leaders in Waterloo Region!)

St. Louis’ social and moral contributions of supporting adults in our community along their educational pathway, in the educational hub of downtown Kitchener — PRICELESS