Lisa Mackay — Principal

Delmar Borba— Vice Principal

Kevin Hinsperger— Vice Principal

Angelica Turcotte — Administrative Lead

Rob Connolly — Business Manager

Alan Arnott — Program Manager, Correspondence, Self-Study and Online programs
Michele Breault — Program Manager, Partnerships & Proposals, Summer Expedition, HeadStart
Brenda Ciesarik — Human Resources Officer
Tammy Cantin — Program Manager, Personal Support Worker Training
Sandra Kuppek — Program Manager, English Language Programs (LINC), Care for Newcomer Children and Licensed Child Care
Jennifer Martin — Co-op Teacher School to Work Programs
Karen Morgan-Bowyer — Program Manager, Core Essentials, Saturday Skills Builder, Homework Clubs
Pauleen Payne — Program Manager, English Language Programs (LINC)
Lilianna Sosnowski — Program Manager, International Languages (Elementary, Secondary and Summer)
Brenda Steffler — Department Head, Guidance
Janet Waito —  Program Manager, English Language Programs (ESL), Citizenship Preparation
Patti Walsh — Department Head, Secondary School Credit