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2021 Summer Programs (July and August):

  • Summer Secondary School Credits are available to anyone with CLB 6 or higher or youth already registered in high school. Online Registration Open until June 18.
  • ESL Summer School  – UNAVAILABLE during Summer 2021
  • International Languages Summer program for Elementary students. Online Registration Open now.
  • Summer Expedition program for students currently in Grade 6, 7 or 8…. going into Grade 7, 8 or 9 in September 2021. Online Registration Open now.
  • Get a HEADStart to Grade 9 at each of the WCDSB’s 5 Catholic Secondary Schools — 4-day, 3 hour format in the morning OR afternoon at the end of August! Online Registration Open now.
  • Gr. 9 Bridge to Success Credit — WCDSB Online Distance Learning summer school credit course for grade 8 students entering grade 9 at Waterloo Catholic Secondary Schools in September 2021. Online Registration Open now.