Bridge to Success – Gr. 9 Credit

Bridge to Success (HIF10I) is a WCDSB Online Distance Learning summer school credit course for grade 8 students entering grade 9 at Waterloo Catholic Secondary Schools in September 2021.

Dates & Times: to be determined

Students are expected to commit to a 30-hour study / work week with flexibility worked into the distance learning platform delivery.

HIF10I — Exploring Family Studies. Learn how individuals relate to others, how to manage resources, and how to become responsible members of society. Explore adolescent development and develop interpersonal, decision-making, and practical skills related to daily life. Learn about the diverse ways in which families function in Canada and use research skills to explore topics related to individual and family needs and resources.

ONLINE registration re-opens in Spring 2022


Planning to attend:                                                          Who to Contact:

          Monsignor Doyle CSS                                                

           Resurrection CSS                                                    

              St. Benedict CSS                                                     

           St. David CSS                                                           

           St. Mary’s HS