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Summer ESL

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ESL Summer School Registration is open until Aug 10!

If you wish to improve your English NOW, register ANYTIME for English Language Classes offered mornings, afternoons, evenings and Saturdays.  If you are looking for summer programs for your child, visit any of the other Summer Program webpages to find one that suits your children’s interests and needs.

Summer ESL Classes

There are many newcomers eager to learn English, settle, and work in Waterloo Region.  This will take time and is difficult to find work when English language levels are low.  At St. Louis, we encourage people to continue English classes as often as possible and practice whenever they can.   It take the average person 250 hours of class time (plus practice) to move from one Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) to the next.  Some take more time, some take less time ~ BE patient. ESL for Work is specifically made for students CLB 1 & 2. You will learn practical work related topics while learning English.

Offered to students CLB 1 and 2

July ONLY – 4 weeks

Monday -Friday, 12:00pm-2:30pm

When a person has CLB 4 English Language, usually it is just high enough to do labour related or technical work, satisfactorily and safely.  CLB 4 is often not high enough to Get or Keep a Job that requires Soft Skills.  What are soft skills? Soft skills can include social graces, communication abilities, language skills, personal habits, cognitive or emotional empathy, time management, teamwork and leadership traits.  You may have these in skills in another language, however they may be a bit different in Canadian culture or workplaces.  St. Louis can give you an ESL course that will review some of the soft skills needed to “Get and Keep the Job”.

Offered to students CLB 5+

July ONLY – 4 weeks

Monday – Friday, 8:30am-11:30am

Customer Service is an important part of many jobs.  Being pleasant, flexible, calm, and knowledgeable about the product or service you are selling are just some of the skills you will need in such jobs as telephone work, retail sales, or restaurant service.  St. Louis offers this 2 week Customer Service ESL class and includes Smart Serve Certification (which is required by law to serve alcohol in a bar or restaurant).

Offered to students CLB 5+

July 4-14 ONLY

Monday-Friday, 12:00pm-2:30pm

(Class is $5 + Smart Serve Certificate = $27)

Computers and Technology are everywhere!  You need them in work, at school, to sign up for recreation programs, to communicate with friends and family around the world and in so many other ways!  If you know a little bit about using computers or nothing at all, take this ESL Computers class to find out different ways technology will help you improve your English, find better work, further your education or help you in everyday life.

Offered to students CLB 2+

July ONLY, 4 weeks

Monday-Friday, 12:00pm-2:30pm

July 4- Aug 11

Monday to Friday, 8:30am-11:30am

Canada turns 150 this year!!

If you are planning to apply for Canadian Citizenship, begin by taking a preparation class and then apply. There is only a short time between applying and writing the test.

St. Louis’ Citizenship Preparation program covers three key components in 9 sessions (July 4-14):

  1. Citizenship test topics are covered, including Geography, History, Government, Voting, Rights & Responsibilities
  2. Covers all test content and provides strategies to succeed!
  3. Citizenship practices test opportunities. Students who took the class and wrote the test received a 90% pass rate!

Offered to students CLB 4+

Monday -Friday (July 4-14) — no class on July 3 for Canada Day holiday

12:00pm-2:30 pm

$10 Fee

Reading and Writing

Offered to students CLB 3 to CLB7

Monday – Friday, 8:30am-11:30am

Listening and Speaking

Offered to students CLB 3 to CLB 7

Monday – Friday, 12:00pm-2:30pm

Don’t stop learning English!  It is okay to take a break over the summer, but the longer you are away from class, the harder it is to remember what you have learned.

If you are a student learning English at CLB 1 or 2 levels, St. Louis has morning (8:30am-11:30am), afternoon (12:00pm-2:30pm) and evening classes for you.

If you are at CLB 3 or higher, you may be interested in the ESL day classes that are focused on either Reading/Writing OR Listening/Speaking or a specialized ESL class.

Evening classes offered for all CLB levels: Monday and Wednesday, 6:30pm-9:00pm

Summer ESL Details

July 4 – August 11, 2017

(closed July 3 for Canada Holiday and August 7 for Civic Holiday)

Monday to Friday

8:30am  – 11:30am

12:00pm – 2:30pm

Monday and Wednesday Evenings ** NEW**

6:30pm -9:00pm

To qualify to attend ESL classes at St. Louis, you must be

  • an Adult (age 18 years and older)
  • Convention Refugee or
  • Permanent Resident or
  • Landed Immigrant or
  • CANADIAN CITIZEN who was a newcomer to Canada at some point in your life and English is not your first language
  • Visitor to Canada (additional fees apply)
  • at ANY Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level

Once enrolled in one or more Summer ESL classes, students are expected to attend classes regularly.

One-time Summer Materials Fee: $5

ESL Students taking the Customer Service (with Smart Serve Certificate class) pay an additional $27 for the Smart Serve Certificate

**Visitors Fees:
  • Assessment: $60
  • Materials Fee: $40
  • Hourly Rate:  $7/hour  (effective January 9, 2017)

Attention Visitors wanting to take ESL classes: Please call an ESL office 519-745-1201 to book a language assessment. Please bring passport or VISA.

Step 1: Contact the YMCA Language Assessment Centre – 519-579-9622 (Kitchener) / 519-621-1621 (Cambridge).  They will book an appointment and tell you what documents to bring. (Visitors to Canada, contact St. Louis at 519-745-1201 directly)

Step 2: Have your English language skills assessed for FREE. They will tell you what your CLB benchmark numbers are and find an English class that’s right for you.

Step 3: Register between May 23 – June 22nd at any Kitchener or Waterloo St. Louis Campus, Monday – Friday, 8:30am-12:30pm.

After June 26th, register at St. Mary’s Campus, 77 Young St., Kitchener ONLY, Monday – Friday, 8:15am – 12:15pm.

If you are a NEW ESL student and want to register for ESL Summer School, please bring the following to the St. Louis office:

  • Personal documents as identification
  • Completed language assessment from the YMCA. If you had a language assessment in the last year, while living in a different community in Ontario, please bring that completed language assessment. (If you have not had an initial assessment or have moved from another province, please see Step 1

Office Hours to Register (by location):

St. Louis – St. Mary’s Campus, 77 Young Street, Kitchener

May 23 – June 22, 2017

  • Mon to Friday, 8:30am – 12:30pm
  • Mon and Wed, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

June 26 – Aug 10, 2017

  • Mon to Friday, 8:15am – 12:15pm

St. Louis – St. Francis Campus, 154 Gatewood Rd., Kitchener

May 23 – June 22, 2017

  • Mon to Friday, 8:30am – 12:30pm

June 23 – Aug 28, 2017: CLOSED

St. Louis – Emmanuel Campus, 22 Bridgeport Rd W., Waterloo

May 23 – June 22, 2017

  • Tues and Friday ONLY, 11:30am-12:45pm

June 22 – Sept 4, 2017: CLOSED

Are you visiting Canada this Summer and would like to improve your English?  We offer morning, afternoon AND evening classes over a 6 week period this Summer.  If you take advantage of all three class options and have perfect attendance, you will have completed 200 hours of English Language Instruction.

If you are a Visitor to Canada, the assessment process and fees are a bit different for you.

Step 1:   Visit any ESL Office, Mon – Fri 8:30am-12:30pm to book an assessment appointment.   Do NOT go to the YMCA Assessment Centre.

Step 2:  Bring all VISA and Passport information plus $60 assessment fee. Have your language assessed.

Step 3:  Register for ESL class. Pay Materials Fee: $40 + Hourly Rate:  $7 per hour (paid on a monthly basis)

Step 4:  Attend classes (NOW until June 22 and/or from July 4- August 11)

Visitor Assessment Fee = $60

Materials and instructional fees = $40

Hourly rate: $7/hour (paid monthly)

For More Information:

Call: 519-745-1201 x229