Notice to Students and Community Partners:

(as of December 2, 2019)

The following programs and childcare centres at St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education MAY be closed on Wednesday, December 4, 2019:

  • LINC
  • ESL
  • Core Essentials
  • Spots for Tots and LINC childminding

OSSTF, the union representing our co-workers in these programs, have been engaged in provincial negotiations for several weeks.  As part of this process, OSSTF has indicated that if sufficient progress is not made in these negotiations by Wednesday, December 4, they will engage in a one-day strike on that date.  The LINC, ESL, Core Essentials programs and Spots for Tots / LINC childminding cannot run without the work of our valuable instructors and childcare workers.

Please check St. Louis website, Twitter and Facebook before attending class or dropping off children on Wednesday, December 4. Information will be updated here:


ALL other programs including our Secondary School Credit programs will be running as usual.